We aim to make CALC an inclusive conference, and are considering ways we can ensure delegates are able to attend and fully participate in the day. If you would like to get in touch to offer suggestions on what has worked for you in attending conferences and events, we would be very glad of your input, you can contact us via email on calc@coventry.ac.uk. You can find more information about conference accessibility on our Conference Accessibility page.

Conference Consultations

As conference organisers, we know that conferences that engage and involve their delegates are the most successful and are aware that decisions we make could impact significantly on if and how people enjoy the conference. In the spirit of critical practice we aim to encourage democratic input in the conference’s organisation by holding a number of consultations as we put the conference together. We will pose questions or make suggestions to vote on to those who have expressed an interest by joining our mailing list. If you want to keep up to date on consultation exercises taking place, join our mailing list.