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This is the website for our inaugural Critical Approaches to Libraries Conference (CALC) 2020 to be held in May 2020 in Coventry, UK.

This conference is being organised to provide a space to discuss all aspects of critical practice in libraries and librarianship including (but not limited to) decolonisation, critical pedagogy, equality, diversity and inclusion in library work and representation of marginalised groups in the workforce, academia and literature.

Our ambition is to hold organise a conference quite unlike most mainstream conferences. To this end we have a number of initiatives in order to increase transparency in how our conference operates, involve delegates in key decision-making in advance of the conference and increase the representation of marginalised groups as both speakers and attendees. We will have a number of importance updates and announcements over the coming weeks and months, if you want to express your interest in the conference, keep up to date with the conference or take part in our consultations please subscribe using the form below;

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Michelle Bond – Academic Liaison Librarian, Coventry University

Darren Flynn – Academic Liaison Librarian, Coventry University

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